Meet cosmic

Our technology is an alternative for wallpapers and stickers
which is applicable on structural surfaces

Versatile use

Interior and exterior
Wood, concrete,
brick, metal
Glass, ceramic,
plastic materials

What's ZIMLI?

Zimli cold transfer is a transparent foil which enables to transform graphics on custom surfaces both flat and structural. Product adapts to every surface including those with numerous embossings. Zimli Cold Transfer is the perfect alternative to wallpapers and stickers. It can be used for a large format project with unusual  shapes and for a smaller one, such as: small wall decorations, ceramic tiles, decorative elements etc.


The product perfectly fits to every substrate – structural surfaces are not a problem. Maximum embossing depth is 2 cm, flexibility of the material is 200%. The transparency of the transfer foil allows to emphasize the structures covered with it, e.g. rings on wooden surfaces. The usage of custom lining allows you to emphasize selected graphic elements, creating a unique visual effect

Zimli Cold Transfer is safe to use, possesses all atests and certificates. Carried out test proves the resistantance of the material to basic detergents, weather conditions, temperature (from -40% to 120% C) humidity, steam and UV rays. Can be used on interior and exterior substrates (provided that the graphic is secured with a dedicated varnish).


Manual and tutorial video

Manual, technical sheet, tutorial video and catalog are available for download at the button below.

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